Clever Mushroom goes 100% renewable energy

offgrid solar systems

We are big fans of environmental technologies and here at Clever Mushroom, we 100% rely on a stormwater and renewable energy that helps lower greenhouse gas emitted for all farming activities. Although solar energy, including battery storages, is becoming more popular, it is still not the reliable source of energy due to the surge in energy demand during different stages of a farming activity. A large and polluted diesel generator is usually used as a back-up energy source. To avoid this, we utilise advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to calculate and spread the energy requirement over a broader period of time. This ensures the renewable energy is sufficient for our farm.

Our 3-Phase Off Grid Solar system includes:
– 90 x 450W Solar Panels
– 4 x BYD 15.4kWh Lithium Batteries
– 3 x Victron Energy 15KVA Quattro Inverter
– 1 x Victron Energy 10KVA Quattro Inverter
– 2 x Victron Energy 250/100 Smartsolar Charge Controllers
– 1 x Fronius 27kW Three Phase AC Inverter
– 2 x Cerbo GX for remote monitoring from desktop, laptop or phone