Our Sustainability

natural ingredients

100% Australian natural ingredients

The main ingredient used in mushroom compost is hardwood sawdust, which is a by-product of woodworking operations. The compost is then supplemented with other natural contents such as wheat bran, cottonseed meal/hulls, soybean meal, sugar and salt. All of the above ingredients are locally sourced in Australia. We believe that controlling high quality input materials results in producing great mushrooms for consumers.

Renewable energy

Almost 100% of the energy consumed by our smart farm is from renewable energy via solar panels and Li-ion battery storages. To ensure the renewable energy is sufficient for our farm, we have applied advanced data analytics to calculate and optimise the energy generation and consumption over a broad period of time.

green renewable energy
green weather

Rainwater harvesting

While the demand for water increases, freshwater resources are decreasing due to global warming and drought. We are well aware of this and we pay great attention to sustainable water management. 100% water consumption at our smart farm is from rainwater that helps combat climate change and drought.

Reusable mushroom compost

Mushroom compost is highly beneficial for the soil and plants since it (i) improves the texture and structure of the soil and the effects of mulching; (ii) encourages growth of beneficial micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) in the soil; (iii) conserves moisture of the soil by helping it to retain available water during the dry season; and (iv) provides necessary changes in the pH levels of the soil.


Recycled shipping cartons

We use recycled shipping cartons, which have high recycling rates, and reduction in waste to landfill. The cardboard shipping boxes are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable cartons.

Compostable sugarcane trays

We highly value our environment, hence using sugarcane trays that are plastic-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp and certified home compostable. It is a strong, grease and water-resistant alternative to traditional plastic/polystyrene or paper produce trays.

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Support Australian businesses and jobs creation

Clever Mushroom proudly uses and supports Australian products and businesses. We always aim to use Australian products as much as we can so that we can all grow strongly together. Great businesses result in additional jobs creation, thus lower unemployment rate. Our small contribution to society could lead to a great positive impact to the Australian economy.