Our Story

Our Mission

To supply the best quality and sustainably produced mushrooms worldwide

“Start with WHY”, said Simon Sinek

The demand for exotic mushrooms has remarkably been growing, driven by the increasing trend of eating healthy, natural food and plant-based products. To keep up with the high demand and to reduce cost, most farm owners have been importing the entire ingredients, spawns and compost as a bundle from overseas. They then grow, advertise and sell these mushrooms as if they are Australian products. This is misleading and alarming because there are numerous unknown and harmful contents in the imported mushroom compost, which are bad for the environment and human health.

About us

We believe everybody has a right to consume healthy food and Clever Mushroom would like to give everyone that choice. Clever Mushroom was founded in 2020 by Dr Nguyen and Dr Vo with an aim to be the go-to supplier of high quality, sustainable fresh mushrooms. So, at Gunning, a charming town between Goulburn and Yass in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, we have been growing exotic mushrooms with 100% Australian natural ingredients. In addition to mushrooms, we are obsessively passionate about agritech, hence many advanced technologies, including automation, sensor networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are being researched, developed and applied into our smart mushroom farm. Our R&D outcomes help Clever Mushroom be more competitive globally and they also contribute to Australia on its way to become one of the world’s top nations with more scalable, environmentally friendly and sustainable agribusiness.

Today, our mushrooms have been distributed to Australia-wide consumers; and more importantly, they are produced from over 95% renewable energy and rainwater. We believe it’s just the beginning …